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Event Marketer Features EA Partnership with MillerCoors

This March, agencyEA partnered with MillerCoors on the brand reception at their annual Distributors Conference in Austin, TX. Event Marketer covers the event, spotlighting the booth designs and how attendees were seamlessly immersed in 22 brands. Lisa Zimmer, Beer Culture and Community Manager at MillerCoors, touches on the partnership and event intricacies.

“With the distributors conference there are a lot of general sessions and meeting time in the rooms, so what we want to do is reinforce what they’re hearing from the stage and get them to really immerse themselves in what all those brands are doing,” says Lisa Zimmer, beer culture and community manager at MillerCoors. “It’s also an opportunity for attendees to network. A lot of distributors work in kind of parallel universes, so they like seeing each other. And, ultimately, it’s creating a sense of excitement for our summer plans as well, which is important, since summer in the beer industry is our big time.”

Post-event feedback revealed that the 2018 reception received the highest scores in the past four years. AgencyEA will partner with MillerCoors on this event again in 2019. Read the full article on Event Marketer here.

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