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Event Marketer Features EA’s Work With GitHub Universe

This October in San Francisco, agencyEA partnered with GitHub to produce GitHub Universe, an annual conference for developers. The event brought together 1,800 builders, planners and leaders who are defining the future of software. For this year’s event, GitHub wanted to create an innovative and creative experience that reflected the brand’s values of community and collaboration. We utilized a sponsorship strategy to create an immersive experience for attendees and sponsors by designing and building original installations and customized activations. Kelsey Schimmelman, senior event producer at GitHub, describes their reasoning for this strategy:

“We’ve tried to set a standard of creating a spectacle and making sure that people are having fun and that they feel relaxed and comfortable,” Schimmelman says. “They’re more likely to make organic connections if they’re in a mindset that’s conducive to play.”

Beyond the innovative and engaging sponsorship activations, another goal of the event was to convey inclusivity. Between service pet accommodations, gender-neutral bathrooms and a scholarship program, there was an emphasis on creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

To learn more about the strategies, creative ideas and inclusive components that were implemented at this event, read the full article from Event Marketer here.

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