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BizBash Spotlights EA’s Partnership with MillerCoors at their Distributors Conference

This March, agencyEA partnered with MillerCoors on the Brand Reception at their annual Distributors Conference to bring 22 brands to life with an immersive showcase. BizBash describes how the exhibit captured the spirit of each brand and provided attendees the opportunity to experience different beers in a locally-inspired atmosphere.

“The designs for each booth aimed to celebrate a specific brand by highlighting its history, flavor, or package and bottle design through eye-catching decor, live music, and lighting motifs. Standout pop-ups included a Blue Moon bar that offered a custom wall illustration of the Austin skyline rendered in the brand’s blue and orange colors, a Sol bar that aimed to evoke a street in Mexico, and a pink floral teepee at the Crispin Rosé hard cider bar.”

AgencyEA will partner with MillerCoors on this event again in 2019. Read the full feature here to learn more about the creative booths designed for the brand showcase and see a photo slideshow.

AgencyEA is a brand experience agency. EA connects brands with their target audiences through experiential, digital and traditional engagement. Founded in 1999 as Event Architects, agencyEA has worked with esteemed clients such as Hilton, Intuit, Google, Clif Bar, Target, Boeing and the Obama Administration.