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BizBash Covers Attendee Gifting Strategy at Hilton GOC

Last month at Hilton’s Global Owners Conference, agencyEA reinvented the conference gift shop to create a more personalized experience for attendees. Instead of distributing standard branded swag, EA developed a digital gift store that allowed 2,300 guests to select a gift of their choice and have it shipped directly to their homes. This new take on gifting extended the life of the conference, eliminated waste and created a worry-free travel experience for global attendees.

“Hilton really wanted to make sure their guests felt specifically and very intimately taken care of. They wanted them to be able to pick what they wanted, that it wasn’t a random swag item that’s given to them at any conference,” said Hunter Haas, agencyEA account director.

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AgencyEA is a brand experience agency. EA connects brands with their target audiences through experiential, digital and traditional engagement. Founded in 1999 as Event Architects, agencyEA has worked with esteemed clients such as Hilton, Intuit, Google, Clif Bar, Target, Boeing and the Obama Administration.