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BizBash Article Features Insights from EA Senior Producer

Producing the Academy Awards is no small feat — and the 90th anniversary of this cherished event is a milestone to celebrate.  Coming off of last year’s award announcement snafu, spectators were watching with an even closer eye. BizBash asked five experienced event industry experts to share their thoughts on the production quality of this year’s ceremony.

EA Senior Producer Michael Chen weighed in on the event’s caliber, giving the Academy Awards an “A”. In his review he covers many aspects of the show, from the red carpet to the impressive stage design.

“The Academy Awards has always been an opportunity for viewers to celebrate the year’s biggest movies, fashion on the red carpet, and the glamour of Hollywood. Being the 90th anniversary, the production was definitely elevated through the elegant stage design featuring 45 million Swarovski crystals and the use of dynamic stage sets and LED panels to transition between performances and presenters. It also was extremely clever how they utilized stage lighting and reflection on the crystals to organically transform the stage colors throughout the show.

Despite not having an opening act this year, Jimmy Kimmel delivered a witty monologue setting the stage for the evening by making light of last year’s controversial moment and addressing this year’s platform for various important movements in the industry and world today. The jet ski prize and movie theater surprise were highlights as I appreciate the clever inclusion of spontaneous and light-hearted engagements to help humanize the actors and add comedic relief to a long show. I also enjoyed the thoughtful video collages played before each category highlighting previous winners.

Overall, the show moved along very smoothly and felt cohesive. There was a good balance of humor, great performances, and important dialogue that celebrated change, equality, and cultural diversity, paving the way for the years to come.”

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