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AgencyEA Unveils Results of Industry-Wide Experiential Marketing Study

Chicago, IL (January 22, 2018) — AgencyEA, a global full-service brand experience agency, announced today the findings of a robust research study on the state of experiential and projected 2018 trends.

The study surveyed nearly 1,000 industry professionals across Fortune 500 companies, agencies and vendors, assessing their perspective on industry spending, the impact of data and emerging technology, and the trends impacting experiential success.

Notable Findings

  • 38 percent of respondents chose experiential as the most successful tactic in their marketing strategy.
  • 62 percent of respondents are using experiential to drive both brand awareness and lead generation.
  • 94 percent agree technology has a positive impact on an event, but less than 50 percent have seen success using emerging technologies.
  • More than 80 percent of respondents gain valuable insights from data collected at events.
  • One in three brand-side marketers struggles to prove ROI and secure sufficient budget.
  • When it comes to budget growth, 38 percent anticipate a 10 percent or greater increase in their experiential budget within the next 18 months. Another 25 percent of respondents expect a boost of 5-10 percent in budget growth.

“Over the past 20 years, agencyEA has created and executed events across the globe for clients including Google, Intuit, CLIF Bar, Hilton, and Boeing,” Fergus Rooney, CEO of agencyEA. “Throughout this period, we’ve witnessed the evolution of experiential from an under-the-radar tool to a key player in a brand’s marketing mix. As the effectiveness of traditional advertising declines, face-to-face connections with a target audience are more critical than ever before.”

As evidenced by the survey, experiential is now one of the most essential forms of marketing available to brands and its impact will only become more apparent as marketers continue capturing event ROI. In 2018, the major trends influencing the industry are projected to be: surprise and delight, share-worthy experiences and engaging influencers.


AgencyEA is a full-service brand experience agency specializing in event and experiential marketing. EA connects brands with their target audiences through live experiences, digital engagement and traditional marketing. Founded in 1999 as Event Architects, agencyEA has worked with esteemed clients such as Hilton, General Electric, MillerCoors, Clif Bar, Google, Boeing and the Obama Administration.