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“Client: Citizen” Event Invites Creatives to Compete for a Cause

agencyEA, CreativeMornings/CHI and Shutterstock Announce “Client: Citizen” Event in Association with Obama Foundation

Chicago, IL (November 17, 2017) – Acclaimed Chicago event venue Savage Smyth will host “Client: Citizen” on December 6th, a pilot event to give local creatives a chance to showcase their skill set, ingenuity, and voice for social good. Presented by agencyEA in association with CreativeMornings/Chicago, the Obama Foundation, and Shutterstock, “Client: Citizen” will challenge teams to solve a widespread societal challenge – how to inspire and empower people to be active citizens.

How It Works

  • Event organizers will assign competition participants to teams of six, who will collaborate, brainstorm, and present their creative output during the free three-hour event.
  • Anyone can register as a spectator to cheer on teams and witness the creative competition.
  • Final work will be evaluated by a panel of judges, comprised of representatives from agencyEA, CreativeMornings/CHI and Shutterstock.
  • The winning team will receive a private reception in Savage Smyth and Golden Tickets for CreativeMornings/CHI 2018 events. Additionally, their final work will be promoted via participating organizations’ social media channels.

“As a witness to the power our Chicago creative community holds to inspire others, we are excited to develop and pilot a platform for these talented individuals to collaborate toward a shared goal,” said Gabrielle Martinez, owner and co-founder of agencyEA and Savage Smyth.

“CreativeMornings/Chicago is thrilled to bring Chicago’s creative community together with agencyEA, the Obama Foundation, and Shutterstock for the common objective of igniting civic involvement,” said Jen Marquez Ginn, Host of CM/Chicago and Marlene Paez, Event Coordinator of CM/Chicago. “We know that our collective creativity, ingenuity and passion will come together to spark movement in our local communities and beyond!”

“Shutterstock is committed to supporting the global creative community and encouraging visual storytelling as an essential tool to promote grassroots initiatives that advance civic engagement locally like the Client: Citizen Event,” said Terrence Morash, Shutterstock’s Creative Director. “We are proud to support Chicago’s creative community and we look forward to reviewing the submissions from the Client: Citizen.”


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