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Nine Tips for Creating an Elevated Developer Conference

Conferences aren’t boring anymore. Just ask developers.

Marketers are abandoning the typical conference format for more engaging settings. This evolution, which has made for more engaging B2B events overall, especially applies to producing effective user and developer conferences.

User and developer conferences present an extraordinary opportunity to transform audiences from passive consumers to active brand advocates and software experts. Having recently produced several user and developer conferences, we’ve learned even more ways to amplify the attendee journey and brand experience. Below are EA’s key takeaways for executing a successful tech event

  1. Motivate developers with one-on-one time with brand executives and product experts who will address and excite their specific interests, skills and projects.
  2. Encourage participation from introverted audiences through consistent outreach and invitations to join new experiences with friendly faces.
  3. Provide intimate, comfortable areas for attendees to recharge and clear their mind for the next engagement.
  4. Offer multi-purpose environments with intriguing programming — like group challenges, wellness activities, and small meetups — to foster connections across disciplines
  5. Cater to their level of expertise. Knowledge varies from attendee to attendee —amplify content for experienced users and scale it back for novices.
  6. Infuse the brand in unexpected places and release new experiences throughout the day, allowing for unique discoveries and surprise-and-delight moments.
  7. Showcase how the enterprise powers each element of the brand by providing contextually relevant interactions with the brand portfolio.
  8. Transform standard event elements — e.g. switch out an analog board with a digital LED wall— to reinforce a tech-forward look and feel.
  9. Offer hands-on interaction with new and expanded tech offerings to reinforce associations between the brand and that tech capability.


Want to create an engaging user or developer conference? Discover how EA can take your B2B Event to the next level.