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Project Recap: 2016 DNC Credential Design

AgencyEA became a part of history this summer, as the Democratic National Convention Committee selected our team to design the 2016 DNC credential badges. EA Art Director Paige Pera led the design process and was tasked with (1) infusing the spirit of the 47th DNC host city, Philadelphia, (2) creating a design that attendees would be proud to wear and show off, and (3) adhering to a strict set of rules and security regulations.

Inspired by Philadelphia and the convention theme, “We the People,” agencyEA’s design featured five hand-sketched Philadelphia-centric landmarks with a watercolor background. The chosen images conveyed the significance of hosting the convention in Philadelphia, while the watercolor treatment reflected the coming together of a diverse group of individuals in support of the Democratic party.

Picture of DNC credentials for Monday and Tuesday

Each landmark corresponded to a specific convention day, and further color distinctions were used to represent the eight different event access levels (floor, balcony, suite, etc.). A circular stamp on all badges contained a number, which corresponded to the day of the week. The mark resembled passport stamps and symbolized those who traveled far and wide to witness history in Philadelphia.

Picture of DNC credentials for Wednesday and Thursday

After applying the differentiating elements to the credential badges, EA created a total of 177 unique designs for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The badges were worn by 105,000 delegates, politicians, celebrities and civilians and are now housed at the Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum in Washington D.C.

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