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Where in the World is AgencyEA?

Were a visitor to arrive at agencyEA’s Chicago office, they might mistakenly assume that the frequent presence of a suitcase in the reception area is – like our prized punching bag and Pac-Man arcade game – just another unique piece of EA décor. But even the most stylish luggage is not a part of our interior design. It is a clue that in a few moments, an EA team member will be hailing a cab to the airport for yet another adventure.

The agencyEA team works at an elevated pace and level, with an unwavering focus on the demands of the present and the goals of the future. In just over fifteen years, we’ve grown from a two-person team to the global brand experience agency we are today. Sometimes it becomes difficult to take a step back and remember all the incredible opportunities and successes we’ve had.

From the museums and galleries of London to the gardens of Singapore, the coral reefs of Sydney to the historic architecture of Frankfurt, and the electric lights of New York City to the vibrant rainforests of Honolulu, we’ve been executing experiential marketing projects all around the world.

A snapshot of where we’ve worked over the last few years.

Thanks to our ingenious production team, our dedicated client services groups, our innovative creative team, our strategic digital department, our brilliant marketing minds, and our fearless leadership team, we’ve seen some amazing places and done some remarkable things. And we’re looking forward to doing even more.

Five continents down with two left to go. Antarctica and Africa, here we come!

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