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Wake-Up Call: EA’s New Coffee Mugs

As a creative agency, our team utilizes their talents and passions not only for client projects, but also for our office, branding and even the day-to-day items we take for granted. Our EA coffee mugs were in need of a fresh design, so the graphic design team took the opportunity to give them a much needed face-lift. With the intention to maintain the sentiment of the original mugs, designers created their own interpretations of the previous creative concept ‘Caffeinate. Cultivate. Elevate.’

Designers were randomly paired and assigned a color palette that corresponded with their mug’s unique interior color. They infused their interests and skill sets, including illustration, iconography, hand-lettering and more, into the designs to create distinct concepts that combine to form a cohesive set.

Read on for more about the techniques and inspiration that went into these fresh concepts, and the beautiful designs that emerged from these creative collaborations.

Rise and Sparkle
Paige & Donna
Paige and Donna aimed to create a cheerful scene of breakfast favorites sprinkled with a loving dash of glitter. The pink and teal combination inspired them to deliver a retro mug sure to spark(le) some creativity into your morning. This design infused Donna’s love of glitter, Paige’s knack for hand-lettering and their shared love of color, food and music.

Caffeinate in Motion
Kirk & Katie
This scene is a mix of contour line drawings and iconographic illustrations that depict EA employees’ everyday surroundings, from morning commutes to the office building. The design, paired with the color yellow, captures a sense of electric motion with the hope that it inspires activity and movement. Little details in the scene welcome a wandering eye, and may reveal something new with each sip.

R(eyes) and Shine
Sofia & Monika
Uniting in their shared passion for screen printing, Sofia and Monika imitated the layered and textured quality of a screen print. The words ‘Wake’ and ‘Woke’ are wordplay on waking up, and being socially “woke.” As the eye travels from Wake to Woke, the drawn eyes transition from closed and drowsy to wide open. The bright yellow and wide eyes were included to give an awakening jolt in the morning.

Cultivate Creativity
Courtney & Casey
‘Cultivating Creativity’ comes from interpreting “cultivate” (in the original EA mugs) as growth, and highlighting the agency’s creativity. Combining Courtney’s love for hand-lettering and Casey’s background in illustration, the final product features an organic mingling of typography, illustration and playful plant-like textures.

Silvia & Alyssa
Inspired by screen printing and pop art, Silvia and Alyssa utilized bold outlines, halftone textures, vivid color and a layered typography treatment. The density of the halftone pattern gives the illusion of different values and depth. They aimed to convey liquid fluidity through organic shapes, and continued this in the treatment of ‘Woke’ with the addition of a bright, complementary orange. A strong reminder to enjoy your morning caffeine and stay woke!

People of EA
Madeleine & Jordan
Since Madeleine and Jordan were recent hires when the project began, these illustrations were created with a fresh perspective of the agency. They kept the technique simple, using iconography-styled illustration and a limited color palette that complemented the bright red interior. They were excited to capture some key features of agencyEA, including office dogs, our unique employees, ping-pong and, of course, the Ms. Pac-Man machine.

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