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EA’s Creative Department Presents The Wallpaper Project

When you hear ‘wallpaper,’ do you think of interior décor or the background image on your computer? For EA’s graphic designers, it’s the latter. To challenge themselves and showcase their talents in a new way, the design team decided to each create their own wallpaper.

The result: eight vastly different designs that can be downloaded and applied as backgrounds on smart phones, computers and tablets. Our designers found inspiration in a variety of places — from a love of glitter to a beach vacation to hometown pride. Read on to learn more about each of their designs and click the links to download and enjoy on your own devices!

Monika Pawar, Associate Graphic Designer – Pineapples and Pussycats: “I just want to be a children’s book illustrator” (in another life), Monika says. For this project, she embodied one, illustrating pineapples, jungle greenery and an adorably round cat and then using multiple layers of color to create the finished product.


Pineapples and Pussycats
Kirk Bell, Graphic Designer – Til Death Do Us Art: As a newlywed, Kirk was inspired by the idea of forever. Aiming to create something timeless, he looked to early twentieth century cartoons and vintage lithographs from the Library of Congress and then combined the two aesthetics. The result? A wallpaper signifying that “your commitment to art is timeless,” he says.


‘Til Death Do Us Art


Paige Pera, Art Director – Paradise: A little tired of the gray Chicago winter and excitedly anticipating a Mexico vacation, Paige was inspired by tropical elements and bright colors. “I’m big into collaging so I kind of used that as an influence,” she says. Pairing photography, a custom font and an illustration of her bulldog Franklin, Paige created a wallpaper as warm as the Mexican sun.




Julie McDermott, Graphic Designer – Silver Sparkle: Most of the agency didn’t know Julie loved glitter until we saw her wallpaper. She took a whole Sunday to glitter-fy tulips, a popsicle and a pineapple and then photograph them. “I literally had glitter everywhere in my apartment,” she says. The tulips ended up looking best and make for a glam still life.


Silver Sparkle


Katie Geary, Associate Graphic Designer – Sweet Home Chicago: She may have grown up in the suburbs, but Katie is a Chicago girl through and through. So much so that she used the city to inspire her wallpaper. “I took all these elements that were unique to Chicago,” she says, “and I doodled them.” Then she traced those doodles in Illustrator, and added color and a little distress to signify the city’s history.


Sweet Home Chicago


Courtney O’Keeffe, Graphic Designer – #Vibes: “I love hand lettering and just drawing out inspiration when I hear interesting quotes,” Courtney says. She combined this with her New Year’s resolution to be more positive, threw in a little neon (which she loves) and voila, her wallpaper! She chose the phrase ‘Killin’ it’ because, as she put it, “I want to kill it every day.”




Jenn Golz, Associate Graphic Designer – O Little Town of Breckenridge: Jenn grew up going to Colorado to ski every year. Breckenridge, especially, is her happy place, the place she goes in her daydreams — so why not make it into a wallpaper? She drew inspiration from vintage ski posters and used halftones to create depth. Plus, she included skis and a snowboard because she loves both.


O Little Town of Breckenridge:


Casey CrisenberyCasey Crisenbery, Senior Graphic Designer – The Quick Brown Fox: To create his wallpaper, Casey used Quill, a virtual reality tool that allows you to paint in 3D. He was inspired by another Quill painting, “Worlds in Worlds,” and landscapes in general. Casey exported his 3D creation to 2D for his wallpaper. When he did this, the one fox he’d painted suddenly and inexplicably gained another, slightly lighter fox friend. It seems Casey created a living world.


The Quick Brown Fox

Interested in updating the backgrounds on your devices? Head to the EA Creative’s Tumblr page to download graphic wallpapers in a variety of sizes, and  learn more about agencyEA’s creative capabilities here.