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EA @ Play February 6, 2018

The Gift of Music: Behind EA’s Customized New Year’s Present

Given 2017’s divisive climate and tumultuous series of events, EA wanted to create and deliver a New Year’s gift that represented connection and positivity. Which brought us to music — read more

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EA @ Play February 5, 2018

An Open Letter to LaCroix

Dear LaCroix, At agencyEA, we love our work, we love our office, and we love our people. One of the perks of working in an office that in 2015, Crain’s read more

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EA @ Play February 2, 2018

Video: AgencyEA’s Bring Your VIP to Work Day

At agencyEA we value our team members for their whole selves – who they are both inside and outside the workplace. To reinforce agencyEA’s open and inclusive culture, embrace our read more

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EA @ Play December 19, 2017

An Event Marketer’s Guide to Experiential Gift Giving

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means — gift giving. With consumers switching their spending from material goods to experiences, products — once the typical choice — read more

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EA @ Play October 13, 2017

agencyEA’s Insider Guide To Chicago

Since Chicago Ideas Week is kicking off next week, we thought it only fair that we share our wealth of knowledge on our favorite city. Chicago is a city of read more

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EA @ Play October 5, 2017

An Event Producer’s Logistical Guide to the Chicago Marathon

October in Chicago doesn’t only mean red and amber hues in Lincoln Park, Oktoberfest celebrations and apple picking in neighboring cities. It’s also time for the Chicago Marathon! This year’s read more

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EA @ Play September 26, 2017

What Event Marketers Can Learn from Refinery29’s Interactive Funhouse

Always seeking creative inspiration, EA + Savage Smyth traveled to Brooklyn, NYC to experience first-hand one of the most anticipated experiential activations of the year, 29Rooms. Refinery29 is a digital read more

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EA @ Play June 7, 2017

Where in the World is AgencyEA?

Were a visitor to arrive at agencyEA’s Chicago office, they might mistakenly assume that the frequent presence of a suitcase in the reception area is – like our prized punching read more

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EA @ Play March 22, 2017

EA’s Creative Department Presents The Wallpaper Project

When you hear ‘wallpaper,’ do you think of interior décor or the background image on your computer? For EA’s graphic designers, it’s the latter. To challenge themselves and showcase their read more

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EA @ Play March 7, 2017

A Brand Experience Expert Shares Their Take on Immersive Theatre

“Hi there, doll. What can I get ya?” The bartender winked at me with her perfect finger-curled hair pinned up with pounds of metal bobbies. Her frilly dress swished and read more