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DownloadsInsights February 15, 2018

10 Steps to a Better Hospital Opening

Opening a new hospital or healthcare facility is a significant and sometimes daunting challenge. You only get one chance to get it right. This includes fundraising campaigns, communication strategies, media read more

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DownloadsThinking January 16, 2018

2018 Experiential Marketing Trend Report

As brands move away from traditional (and increasingly less effective) channels, the experiences audiences undergo with brands are more critical than ever.

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Downloads October 10, 2017

Leveraging Technology to Electrify Events

Digital technology is all around us and shapes many of our experiences. Though it can be initially intimidating, once digital is understood it becomes an invaluable tool for amplifying events.

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DownloadsInsights September 20, 2017


Aligned, engaged employees contribute to an organization’s success because they embrace its mission and enthusiastically carry it forward in everything they do, from their day-to-day professional responsibilities to communicating on social read more

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Downloads August 1, 2017

Spatial Transformation: Build Environments That Engage

Powerful brand experiences rely on engaging environments to deliver messages with impact. But those environments don’t come in turnkey packages. Experiential marketers are often challenged to transform ordinary spaces and venues into engaging, dynamic environments. Let us read more

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DownloadsInsights July 20, 2017

Using Human Connectivity to Build Brand Loyalty

Better. Faster. Stronger. The digital world provides us the promise of instant gratification and unparalleled efficiencies. Given our reliance on technology, immediacy and ease of accessibility, today’s consumer increasingly craves read more

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DownloadsInsights July 11, 2017


Brand experiences are significantly evolving and it’s time for the ROI conversation to catch up. How we evaluate the success of a brand experience has shifted to include evaluating the read more

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Downloads May 10, 2017


At agencyEA, we’re eager to continually learn and grow. But like most things, knowledge is better when shared, so we’re giving you our Top 5 Takeaways from the Experiential Marketing read more

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Downloads May 1, 2017

Strategies for Leveraging Location-Based Event Marketing

Thanks to jet travel, the Internet and innovations that reduce the historical limitations of distance and time, our planet is more connected than ever. Yet today’s consumers demand an increasingly focused market lens. Even the most read more

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DownloadsInsights January 9, 2017

Top Event Trends for 2017

As we kick off 2017 in an increasingly competitive landscape, event marketers face familiar obstacles: do more with less, invest in the right technology, amplify the brand story and deliver read more