United States Holocaust Memorial Museum anniversary

Anniversary Awareness Campaign & Mobile Tour

EA created a multi-faceted, multi-channel awareness campaign that honored and recognized the 20th anniversary of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
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Advertising campaign creative design, collateral and message development

Shaped the 20th Anniversary campaign platform: “Never Again. What You Do Matters.”

Leveraged all channels to create the National Tour and Tribute – a comprehensive multimedia campaign that included public relations, social and digital media, advertising, events and an online hub.

Mobile tour stop for historical artifacts and expert information
Elie Wiesel speaking at tribute event in Washington DC
Event collateral design, digital extension and website branding

Developed and implemented a five-city national mobile tour that provided free, one-day events, which featured items from the museum’s collection as well as seminars and films, to hundreds of attendees at each stop.

Activations included speeches from Holocaust survivors, a tribute ceremony for local survivors and World War II veterans, and the opportunity for visitors to bring family artifacts from the era to be examined by the museum curatorial staff.

Holocaust ceremony with Bill Clinton, veterans and military

Produced a two-day commemoration in Washington, DC, including a tribute dinner, ceremony and open house at the museum featuring Elie Wiesel, President Bill Clinton and international officials.

US Holocaust Museum New York Times press
  • Special event management and production for USHMM

“This was an experience of a lifetime and we are all changed by it. I cannot imagine a more trusted and true team than this one. We made magic together and we are bound together in the humanity that has sprung from these endless hours, days, weeks and months of planning. And, of course, those few perfect hours when all the people came and all of the images on the mock-ups became real. Truly wondrous.”

Chief Marketing Officer
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


  • Return on Investment

    Generated national and international media coverage in outlets such as the Associated Press, Huffington Post, New York Times and NPR.

  • Return on Investment

    Inspired individuals to take almost 116,000 “actions” on the Museum’s website, and commit to the promise of “Never Again.”

  • Return on Investment

    Reached new audiences, as nearly 35,500 of participants and donors were newly engaged with the Museum.

  • Return on Investment

    The Museum raised more than $70 million since launching the 20th Anniversary marketing campaign.

  • Return on Investment

    In the next five years USHMM will make 25 city tour stops. But after just one year and five city stops, the museum is 45% to goal.