Distributors Conference Brand Reception

AgencyEA partnered with MillerCoors on their annual Distributors Conference brand reception with an immersion showcase that brought 22 brands to life.

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Engaged 3000 attendees through networking opportunities, seamless brand immersion and live entertainment at brand booths.

Transformed a convention center space to look and feel like Rainey Street — an iconic street in downtown Austin, Texas — with decor that brought the outdoors inside.

Immersed attendees in 22 MillerCoors brands through unique and creative booth build outs with engaging activations that highlighted unique attributes of the products and their target audiences.

Invited attendees to hang out in the ‘beer garden’ — a central location for attendees to mix and mingle when not walking through the brand booths.

Captured the spirit of 22 brands through multi-sensory engagement, from lighting motifs to music pairings to innovative displays.

Delivered the highest-ranked brand showcase in the past four years.



  • Return on Investment

    AgencyEA will concept and produce this event again in 2019.

  • Return on Investment

    Highest ranked brand showcase in the past four years.

  • Return on Investment

    Generated industry press coverage in Event Marketer magazine and BizBash.